Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Having trouble keeping your pup running around as much as you know they should be? Using an automatic dog ball launch may be just the trick you need to not slow down your pets yearning for a good catch!

The main benefit of an automatic dog ball launcher is simple - you don't need to keep throwing the ball around for them you can let machines do all the heavy lifting. We've assembled our top choices for automatic ball launchers for you to review. We hope the guide is helpful in making a decision.

Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

Made by a brand you can trust, the Franklin ball tosser is the best your going to get in terms of reliability and overall use. It's a machine, so expect it to have it's own limitations and not perform perfect 100% of the time. If you're okay with that, this is probably your best option.

AFP Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Coming in second for us is the AFP dog ball launcher. It's small and compact and can be used indoors as well. If you can train your dog to use it properly, they can reload the machine themselves which is pretty neat.

We hope these tips help. There's tons of options on the market, but the reality is that there aren't that many high quality dog ball launchers right now. If they are available, they are usually extremely expensive.

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